Keeper Mary

I mentioned a week or so ago when posting about the copperhead I would tell you a bit more about Keeper Mary.

Mary joined our team this past June and has been a great gift to us from the beginning. Before joining our team she worked at the Brandywine Zoo in Delaware for many years. She does our weekly grocery shopping and quickly picked up the routine. Her quirky sense of humor and her positive energy are welcome asset. She spends most of her time with the indoor animals, but look for her anywhere on grounds.

If you want to know more about her, or any of the Keepers, just ask some questions… I’d be happy to get answers for you.

Mary took a break and posed for me when working in the muskrat exhibit
mary in the kitchen
Mary prepping diets in the kitchen


Dr. vanderford and Mary with snake
Mary holding a snake for Dr. Vanderford


Mary with ball python
I caught Mary wandering around with our interns- and the ball python earlier this morning.


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