Keeper Mary

I mentioned a week or so ago when posting about the copperhead I would tell you a bit more about Keeper Mary. Mary joined our team this past June and has been a great gift to us from the beginning. Before joining our team she worked at the Brandywine Zoo in Delaware for many years. She does our weekly grocery shopping and quickly picked up the routine. Her quirky sense of humor and her positive energy are welcome asset. SheRead more

Spotlight: Keeper Janine

Meet Janine. Actually, blog readers first met Janine back in the summer of 2014 when she was kind enough to pose for a photo op with other volunteers. Photos of her have popped up in other blog posts: here and here. Janine started with us as a volunteer in 2014. We liked her so much we hired her! Her background working with animals- and as an engineer- are great assets for us. She is calm, thoughtful, and works on findingRead more

The Life of a Keeper

Since becoming an Animal Keeper it always amazes me the things I am no longer grossed out by–the list is continually growing! One day I sat down to lunch and realized I was eating next to two lemur fecal samples. Instead of moving them, I took a picture!Read more

Spotlight: Autumn Lindey

When I started writing this post it was November. Back then my first thought was to say ” Meet Autumn, our newest Keeper”. We’ll, it’s now many months later and besides from not being true it’s not what I think of first anymore. She’s such an entrenched member of the team it seems like she has been here a loooong time.                               Autumn started with usRead more

Spotlight: Sarah Van de Berg

This is Sarah. She’s been a keeper with us since July 2010. You’re going to learn more about her soon as she will start writing posts, although you can view her amazing writing skills by clicking here. Sarah is a Northerner and moved down here from Connecticut to work at the Museum. Her bachelor’s degree is from the University of Rhode Island in Wildlife Conservation Biology. She worked at science museums and sanctuaries in New England, taking care of manyRead more