Farmyard Egg-citement!

Chicken eggs come in all sorts of colors aside from the typical brown or white you see in the grocery store. There are 6 bantam (miniature) hens in the farmyard who lay 6 different colored eggs!6 chicken eggs lined up from brown to white to green

To help other keepers out, I took a photo of all the eggs together (above) and one of the three white eggs (below)

3 white eggs

Can you spot the differences?

Here are our farmyard ladies, in the same order as the eggs in the first photo

Welsummer bantam chicken
Wren (Welsummer)
Mille Fleur/Belgian D'Uccle hen
Corky (Belgian D’Uccle/Mille Fleur)
White Crested Black Polish chicken
Charlotte (White Crested Black Polish)
White Crested Black Polish
Fern (White Crested Black Polish)
Mottled Cochin
Ducky (Mottled Cochin)
Brown Americauna/Easter Egger bantam chicken
Beatrice (Americauna/Easter Egger)


If you want to see more egg colors, here’s a link to a great blog post that has a whole rainbow of colors to show: 

Personally, my favorite eggs in the bird world come from two of the ratites. Emus have gorgeous deep teal eggs that are about 2.5 pounds each and Cassowaries have slightly bigger eggs that can be lime green! lime green cassowary egg and deep blue green emu egg

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