Farmyard Egg-citement!

Chicken eggs come in all sorts of colors aside from the typical brown or white you see in the grocery store. There are 6 bantam (miniature) hens in the farmyard who lay 6 different colored eggs! To help other keepers out, I took a photo of all the eggs together (above) and one of the three white eggs (below) Can you spot the differences? Here are our farmyard ladies, in the same order as the eggs in the first photoRead more

Max and more behind-the-scenes difficult news

It’s been two week’s without Max and life is still strange. The emails and cards and notes and drawings help to remember how much impact he had. All the tests are not back yet but it seems that Max aspirated some of his food for no apparent reason and died of choke.  It doesn’t seem to be common and there isn’t anything we learned to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Maybe the last tests will tell usRead more

I’m outsourcing all of my blogging now

Who needs to carry around a camera anymore if we can just have our visitors and members take videos and pictures for us? Here’s another video that our trusty member Karyn took and edited, this time of Lightning. Again, if you have any great shots or videos of our animals that you’d be willing to share on the blog, contact us! My email is erinb (at) ncmls (dot) org. Of course, I can’t guarantee that everything sent to us willRead more