I’m outsourcing all of my blogging now

Who needs to carry around a camera anymore if we can just have our visitors and members take videos and pictures for us? Here’s another video that our trusty member Karyn took and edited, this time of Lightning.

Again, if you have any great shots or videos of our animals that you’d be willing to share on the blog, contact us! My email is erinb (at) ncmls (dot) org. Of course, I can’t guarantee that everything sent to us will make it onto the blog. We have a rigorous quality test routine of all blog material, consisting of several quality testers reviewing all material before it goes live:

Chicken reviews our blog videos
Bugsy employs the help of my thumbs to scroll through the pictures for him. Bunnies can't do anything themselves!

Good luck making the cut! 🙂

4 responses to I’m outsourcing all of my blogging now

  1. Leslie says:

    I thought you determined that bunnies were capable of throwing things? Doesn’t that count as something they can do?

  2. Marilyn Johnson says:

    Good point, Leslie! She has you there, Erin. But I always apperecite the humor in your posts!!

  3. Erin Brown says:

    Until I actually witness said throwing event with my own eyeballs, or see it caught on film, I will remain steadfast in my suspicion that they don’t actually throw anything, but rather run very fast across the room, deposit objects, and run very fast back to the same position to make us think that they’ve thrown it. Because they want us to think they’re impressive. And though I think they are impressively cute, I am not impressed with their alleged throwing abilities. I do, however, look forward to the day where I am.

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