What Happened to My Chair –answer

This happened. Here’s a link to the previous post with the question. Bugsy, our Holland Lop rabbit, lives in the education holding room and seems to shed large amounts of fur every 3 months and sheds less during the months in between. He is in constant need of brushing. The dead hair that easily pulls off of him in small tufts is typically a very light grey; which strikes me as silly since he’s a black bunny. Bugsy gets brushedRead more

Giving me Grief

After our department meeting on Thursday I got a lot of lip from the keepers about the crappy pictures I take of them and then post on the blog. Forever, they now live with ruined lives because the only photos out there of them are poor and ugly. Obviously, I disagree, but we took some new photos right after the meeting. Here you go:    A close up of Bugsy sleeping (he did not approve of this photo).    Read more

I’m outsourcing all of my blogging now

Who needs to carry around a camera anymore if we can just have our visitors and members take videos and pictures for us? Here’s another video that our trusty member Karyn took and edited, this time of Lightning. Again, if you have any great shots or videos of our animals that you’d be willing to share on the blog, contact us! My email is erinb (at) ncmls (dot) org. Of course, I can’t guarantee that everything sent to us willRead more