Trouble for Tortoises

In April 11,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises were rescued from wildlife traffickers in Madagascar. Click here for the press release. I find it overwhelming to think about the scope of this seizure.

The Museum joined the Radiated Tortoise Species Survival Plan (SSP) just over one year ago- our five radiated tortoises arrived in March 2017. We are now part of a group of accredited institutions that work together to support the conservation and recovery of radiated tortoises.

Radiated tortoises occupy the same ecosystem (the Southern part of Madagascar in the spiny forest region) as ring-tailed lemurs (and many other species). By conserving the tortoises in the wild, we are protecting numerous critically endangered species.


You can follow what’s happening to the tortoises seized in April by following TSA- Turtle Survival Alliance, or click here or here.




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