WOW- pile of pups arrived today

I was notified last night that the female wolf, F2062, was acting very antsy. Seems like she knew Earth Day was the day to deliver her pups. Welcome to these six amazing little ones. The future of red wolves relies on these new additions and facilities like us and our partner institutions. We provide opportunities not only for breeding, but also to share information about this critically endangered species. Hopefully we are making more red wolf advocates along with moreRead more

Tuesday’s Pup check

Yesterday’s pup check went great. Both pups were in the den. Pups in the main den makes life easier and quicker for everyone. Although at 5.5 weeks old, the pups were moving around so it meant Keeper Autumn had to actually climb into the den to pull them out. The 5 week check is a quick one: get weights to ensure growth; give a quick look over the body to assure all looks well; and give the second round ofRead more

Trouble for Tortoises

In April 11,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises were rescued from wildlife traffickers in Madagascar. Click here for the press release. I find it overwhelming to think about the scope of this seizure. The Museum joined the Radiated Tortoise Species Survival Plan (SSP) just over one year ago- our five radiated tortoises arrived in March 2017. We are now part of a group of accredited institutions that work together to support the conservation and recovery of radiated tortoises. Radiated tortoises occupyRead more

Another good day for the pups

Our trio seems to be thriving:     Having pups back to back years is amazing —  all sorts of emotions. It allows us to hone and sharpen our procedures, as well as compare and contrast to the previous year. See the chart below with the first three weigh-ins for the 2017 and 2018 pups. Any thoughts or questions after looking at the chart?    Read more

No More Pup Prep– They’re Here!

I mentioned the end of March that we were preparing for red wolf pups and watching closely the second half of April. Well, the second half of April is here and I got a call from Autumn early Saturday morning that pups were here! What great news to start the weekend!  Three pups were spotted on the den camera. Unsure if more were to come, we made plans to keep the exhibit area quiet all day, and check on the pupsRead more

Lemur and Tortoise Introductions!

Earlier this year, we introduced our new Radiated Tortoises to our lemur yard and therefore to our lemurs. Whenever you are introducing new animals to each other, careful planning must take place. We thought the tortoises would not have much of a reaction to the lemurs. We ended up being correct. We were pretty confident that the lemurs would react to the tortoises though. After all, large moving boulders in your yard would probably concern you too. We had aRead more