WOW- pile of pups arrived today

I was notified last night that the female wolf, F2062, was acting very antsy. Seems like she knew Earth Day was the day to deliver her pups.
Welcome to these six amazing little ones. The future of red wolves relies on these new additions and facilities like us and our partner institutions. We provide opportunities not only for breeding, but also to share information about this critically endangered species. Hopefully we are making more red wolf advocates along with more red wolves!
This is what the six pups looked like inside the den.
All the excitement about the new additions has to be balanced with the reality that the next days to weeks are an incredibly sensitive time. Pup survival in the first thirty days is not a given. We’ve lived through this the past two years, and while we hope it doesn’t happen this year, we have to be prepared. Death is a part of life, especially for newborn red wolves.
#2 was our smallest pup- by quite a lot. at 299 grams, at some point he might catch up to his siblings
We do a quick hands on check of the pups as soon as we’re confident all the pups have been born. We get weights, make sure the pups are warm, look for any concerns, and focus on their feet in particular. Foot abrasions are common in the first week and can lead to death. Three pups had slightly pink feet, but no abrasions– yet. (The pups were all born 5:45-7:20 AM this morning according to video footage). The pups were also very loud and squeaky– another good sign.
#1 was the largest pup. He weighed in at 423 grams
Our work with these pups- and the wolves in general — is a fine balancing act. We try to leave them alone as much as possible. When we do engage, we make sure we have to, and we do it as quickly as we can.
This pup is on the scale getting weighed. We bring two scales and extra batteries– just in case one stops working.

We’ll be checking the family daily, but our schedule for hands-on checks isn’t written in stone. Ask questions as you have them and we’ll keep you posted about the good, the sad, the difficult, and the challenging.
Pup #5. She weighed 385 grams
#4 had beautiful brown feet. He weighed just under 400 grams (398 g).

7 responses to WOW- pile of pups arrived today

  1. Marjie Wolfe says:

    They are wonderful! Is there more than one girl? I see 3 pictured are male, one is female, and the other two? Prayers for all to grow healthy!

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      We’re confirming sexes of each during our next hands-on check.

  2. Mary Anne Chappell says:

    I am not of wealth but would share with the wolves!!

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      thanks Mary Anne,
      any donations can be sent to the Museum and write “for red wolf pups” on the note or check.

  3. Kris Raniszewski says:

    So great to see these beautiful pups! Im praying they all survive.

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