Another Pup Check Complete

Pup Checks are going to be harder from here on out. We experienced this last year, although it was a little later. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons. The pups move more now, and may not be in the den. They are physically bigger. They weigh more and are all-leg which means they dangle, and can be harder to support. And, let’s face it, it’s just really hot while we work with them.

We started at 7:00 AM Monday to beat the heat. Neither pup was in the den. Fortunately, M2246 (pup A) ran down the cliff and into the den upon our arrival. M2247 (pup B) stayed on the cliff longer with his parents and waited until we entered the yard and climbed the cliff until he decided to run into the den too. Actually, not too bad at all considering what could have ensued.

Mary got her first hands-on with a pup. M2246 weighed 8.1 Kg today.

Our Team in the yard today at the den was Aaron, Janine, Mary, and me. Janine got the first pup out of the den and then Mary had her first training in entering the den and bringing out a pup. We transported each pup in its own crate to our work area on the side of the exhibit area, and began to do our work quickly.

Aaron holding M2247 today. He weighed 7.6 Kg. He’s been consistently lower in weight than his brother.

We were a team of eight this morning dealing with the catch, the check-up, the pictures, the notes, the clean up. By 7:50 we were (or at least I was) soaking wet, back in the building, and changing in to dry clothes.

M2246 getting dewormer from Katy.

Today’s activities included a general check of ears, paws, skin, hair, and teeth. Additionally, the pups received the fourth round of dewormer (of five) and the second vaccine (of four rounds).

It’s also getting a little harder to tell the pups apart unless they are next to each other. M2246 has always weighed more, but the markings on the chest are almost faded and we won’t put the microchips in until the next check up.

We could easily tell them apart today when they were next to each other. Check out the photos below of the two.

Aaron has pup M2247 (B) on the left while Janine has M2246 (A) on the right.

Above, on the left, 2247 has a shorter and wider snout and head, is much darker, and his ears still don’t point all the way up like his brother’s. On the Right, 2246, has a longer, skinnier muzzle, and his ears are more vertical.


Photos below of failed attempts to get easy ID pictures of the pups side by side for comparison. Neither would cooperate and easily hold still, next to each other, for our photo.

2247 on the left and 2246 on the right



The next planned pup check will by July 20th. Given the summer heat, there’s a chance it get moved, but as of now that’s when we’ll have hands on again. Any guesses what their weights will be then??

4 responses to Another Pup Check Complete

  1. Lillian P Spiller says:

    Sherry how do the parents react when you enter the enclosure. Do they accept your presence? They don’t get antsy or hostile when you approach the pups??

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Good question Lillian. When we enter the den to catch the pups the parents just run away and hang out in the distance. These two parents seem to settle and watch us from the farthest area possible. No hostility. On the flip side, when we enter the yard to feed or scoop-poop, with no intent of interacting at all, the male often barks at us when we are in an area that is in the vicinity of the pups.

  2. Katie Weeks says:

    Hahaha, it looks like Aaron and M2247 have the same expression in that photo!

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Nice catch Katie! You are totally right. Aaron and the pup are looking similar!

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