Pups Out and About (sort of)

A friend was at the wolf exhibit Friday and sent me the following photos.

2246 (pup A) was up on the cliff with his parents when we arrived to clean the exhibit and feed Friday morning.

2246 running along the cliff ridge

At first, we thought it was 2247 (pup B) on the cliff since he seems to be out more. But as soon as we entered the exhibit and passed by the den door pup 2246 ran off the cliff and right into the den. This is typical for him.

2246 ran right into the den opening in the bottom right of the photo.

Once we realized it wasn’t 2247 on the cliff, we assumed he was in what appears to be his favorite spot. (I obviously don’t know what his favorite spot is, but when we cannot find him anywhere else there is one spot to look at).

In the photo above, take a look at the upper left corner. A dug out hole about 6-7 feet up the cliff face is just the right size for an 11-week old pup. Can you see him… look closely, and check out the photos below.

Close up of the hole with 2247 in it. Can you notice his broad head and flattish ears.


If you couldn’t locate the cliff-side hole in the initial photo, take a look above the red arrow


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