Daily Meds for Pups

We confirmed at our last Pup check that the pups have Coccidia. It’s a parasite that we found after looking at feces under a microscope (we do what’s called a Fecal Float). The current de-wormer that the pups get every couple weeks does not treat Coccidia.

So… we’ve got 10-21 days of daily medicine just for the pups (the parents’ fecal was negative and not surprising since they have likely built up resistance over time).

Mary holding 2247 while Katy gives him his first dose.


Janine has pup 2246 for his first dose of Albon
2247 on day #2.
All smiles from Aaron and Autumn at the end of day two’s treatment. Aaron has pup 2246 and Autumn is holding 2247.
Chris held pup 2247 for day four’s treatment. (Intern Bre got to watch)
too big for our containers or small crate, so we used a large flexible bucket for weighing. Worked great.



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