Cattle Yard Update

Work in the cattle yard has just about finished. All that is left (hopefully) is tweaking. Posts were set for our chute in early July. Two weeks ago the concrete pad got poured. The Facilities Team, along with Exhibits’ and Landscape Staff have been working hard getting the work done.

We’ve started to get Dusty and Dallas familiar with the area. Operant Conditioning will be used to train them to walk through the chute and stop at (in) the head gate. This will make work safer for everyone– bulls and people.

Come check it out in the Farmyard.


Keith and Dale getting the frame in before concrete pouring
Keith, Dale and Chase mount cross posts to keep Dusty and Dallas out of the framed area
Keith and Chase working the concrete mixer
Team Daniel, Chase, Keith, and Dale laying the concrete pad


Dusty and Dallas checking out the new area before the screening and head-gate get added.
the finished product
the bulls are walking thin the chute really well right now. We’re going to be working on “stopping” in the right place…


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