Lightning’s physical (and upcoming Birthday)

Lightning had his fall check-up a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Cannedy has asked that Dr. Cochrane, an equine specialist, come to the Museum and take care of Lightning on grounds. In general, Lightning continues to chug along with his known issues (fatty lypomas, club foot, patella issues…) and is doing rather well.

As Lightning has aged, he’s become more reactive to certain vaccines.  We’ve moved towards checking titers levels to see if he has antibodies at appropriate levels to keep him protected against certain diseases. If he does, then we don’t need to give him the vaccine. We have also moved to pre-medicating him with drugs to help with allergic reactions. Our system seems to be working well and Lightning hasn’t had a major reaction in a while.

In two weeks, on November 6th, Lightning turns 20 years old. We’re excited and we’ll be celebrating in the Farmyard. Go vote, and then come on by to wish him a Happy Birthday. (or come wish Lightning a Happy Birthday and then go vote).

Dr. Cochrane draws blood while her Tech easily restrains Lightning
Making sure Lightning’s teeth are in good shape. They were… they do not need to be floated (filed or trimmed).
watching Lightning walk



2 responses to Lightning’s physical (and upcoming Birthday)

  1. DJ says:

    What does Lightning’s 20 yrs correlate to in human birthday years?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Lightning could get AARP membership as a 20 year old donkey is somewhat parallel to a person in their 60s

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