Lightning turns 20!

Lightning turns 20 on Tuesday November 6. I was here the day he arrived as a fuzzy 5-month old. I watched him grow up here. He’s met numerous Keepers, lived with several goats, and met thousands and thousands of members and guests who have been charmed by his personality. While not over the hill yet, he’s no longer a spring chicken. We manage several health issues with diligence and medication. I am sure it is no exaggeration to say he’sRead more

Lightning’s physical (and upcoming Birthday)

Lightning had his fall check-up a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Cannedy has asked that Dr. Cochrane, an equine specialist, come to the Museum and take care of Lightning on grounds. In general, Lightning continues to chug along with his known issues (fatty lypomas, club foot, patella issues…) and is doing rather well. As Lightning has aged, he’s become more reactive to certain vaccines.  We’ve moved towards checking titers levels to see if he has antibodies at appropriate levels toRead more

Donation for Max

Last month, a 2-year-old Museum member who is a huge fan of Max donated some items and money to take care of our big bovine. She and her family thought it would be great to celebrate her birthday by spreading some love to Max. A big thanks from the animal department for the recent donations. A couple of cute Max photos to share with you all below.     Max used to be little   But not anymore!Read more

Birthday Celebration

Cynthia, who is our oldest Red Ruffed Lemur, turned 33 years old on March 30th.  This makes Cynthia the oldest Red Ruffed Lemur in the country.  33 years is old for any lemur considering the average lifespan in captivity is early twenties.  In the wild, lemurs tend to live longer to around mid-twenties.  Since lemurs are endemic to Madagascar, it can be difficult to replicate their dietary and habitat needs in a captive environment.  The keepers felt that 33 years ofRead more

Upcoming Birthday Celebration!

Cynthia, our oldest Red Ruffed Lemur, will be turning 33 years old on March 30th.  On March 27th, the Explore the Wild team (Autumn and myself) will be providing Cynthia and the other Red Ruffed Lemurs with different types of enrichment and food items so that we can celebrate this milestone.  This will provide the Red Ruffed Lemurs with great opportunities to interact with different food items and enrichment plus give the keepers a chance to take a lot of pictures!  So, this will beRead more