Lightning turns 20!

Lightning turns 20 on Tuesday November 6.

I was here the day he arrived as a fuzzy 5-month old.

I watched him grow up here. He’s met numerous Keepers, lived with several goats, and met thousands and thousands of members and guests who have been charmed by his personality.

While not over the hill yet, he’s no longer a spring chicken. We manage several health issues with diligence and medication.

I am sure it is no exaggeration to say he’s one of the most beloved family members at the Museum.

Send in or drop of your Birthday cards or well wishes, or pop by to celebrate with the Keepers at 11:30 AM on Tuesday November 6th or Sunday November 11th.


Lightning has two coats. His heavy winter coat for very chilly days, and a lightweight coat when temps are chilly but not as cold.
When he naps, he often looks dead. Sometimes we find him napping in the sun in the heat of the summer. I cannot personally imagine doing that, but it seems to suit him just fine.

Lightning Fetches! He’ll grab his ball and when thrown, chase it down and bring it back. He’s not always the best at dropping the ball for another throw. If you ever get a chance to watch– or even play with him– take it!


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