Diego Follow-Up

Winter Storm Diego hit us hard. The weight of the snow caused numerous trees to snap or bend throughout campus. Fortunately, the animals seem fine; power and fences held; and the Keepers who were able to get to work did so unscathed. We still have a lot more clean up to do, but I for one am very thankful that it wasn’t worse.

The goats spent most of the time in their clean, dry stall, munching on hay.

We had quite a bit of heavy snow — up to 12 inches in some areas.  About 4-5 inches in the donkey yard when we shoveled paths for Lightning and his goat-housemates to walk through. The pigs don’t venture out in snow either. Their yard had 7-9 inches to shovel. (Kind of fascinating how snow accumulations vary even in such close proximity). We were able to clear snow from sagging roofs (i.e. rabbits and wolf side areas) as well before damage occurred.

The goats and donkey don’t walk through snow (at least when we’re watching them), so we shoveled paths for them to navigate their yard.

Steve, from our Innovation and Learning Team helped out Sunday afternoon. He lives very close to the Museum and buddied-up with me for our afternoon tasks Sunday.

Steve at Wolf Overlook. He helped moved some downed/snapped trees off the paths so we could make our way through grounds

When we have this much snow, lots to do, and only a few staff around, limited photo documentation occurs 🙁  Check out the link below to see a quick video snip of the wolves in the snow. (M1803 coming and grabbing a rat then taking off)






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