F2062: Mother Wolf

February is here so it’s red wolf breeding season! Actually, breeding season and mating can occur in January (or even March), but that’s not the case here. The second half of February is our focus of the last couple years. Ranger Greg has amazing posts about red wolves and mating- so many to choose from… head over to his Blog to see. Check out his post about canid estrus cycles. It’s a easy and quick review of the red wolf reproductive cycle.
With last year’s wolves remaining at the Museum this year, we’re excited about the likely arrival of endangered red wolf pups born again at the Museum. Look for some red wolf photos and blog posts coming up this month as we patiently (and maybe impatiently) await for breeding to occur. The following photos are all of F2062, our mother wolf. The photos were taken just a few weeks ago. She arrived at the Museum on November 15, 2017, just a day after her new mate, M1803 arrived (more about him in the future). Her pairing with the male was her first time in a breeding pair. And, just 5 months after being paired she gave birth to her first litter of pups. Pictures of her offspring coming soon (although click here to see one of my favorite shots of her boys when they were little).
F2062 is easy for me to spot. That left ear is the sure sign it’s her. That tip bent over makes for easy and quick identification.
look closely- she has something in her mouth

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    • Sherry Samuels says:

      We will share if we see the wolves in ties (mating), however we won’t know for sure she’s pregnant until she actually gives birth to pups about 63 days after breeding. False pregnancies are a regular occurrence in red wolves, and it is not worth the stress on the wolves to catch-up to confirm pregnancies. We just will wait, watch, and hope.

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