Auggie’s Vet visit, part 2

I mentioned the other day that Auggie went to the vet for some work on his teeth. Auggie had several bad teeth that had to be removed. According to Dr. Mozzachio, this is very common in pigs, and pigs continue on without issue after the bad teeth are removed. Auggie did great at the vet, woke up immediately, and started eating. He’s back in the Farmyard on some softer food for a few days. We expect all to be back to normal in just a few days. Come by and say high and check out his clean mouth! Several pictures– and a few quick videos — of Auggie having his work done.
Auggie on the table for the start of his work.

His tusks have already been trimmed here… check out the video to follow to see how tusk trimming works
A close up of his mouth.
Auggie’s teeth. The tips of his tusks are on the upper left side of the paper towel.

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