Auggie’s Vet visit, part 2

I mentioned the other day that Auggie went to the vet for some work on his teeth. Auggie had several bad teeth that had to be removed. According to Dr. Mozzachio, this is very common in pigs, and pigs continue on without issue after the bad teeth are removed. Auggie did great at the vet, woke up immediately, and started eating. He’s back in the Farmyard on some softer food for a few days. We expect all to be backRead more

Auggie’s vet visit

Auggie went on a field trip yesterday. The end of last week we noticed he was having difficulty chewing and swallowing hard foods. According to Dr. Mozzachio, this is a sure sign of teeth issues. So, we packaged him up and took him in. Pictures below from the catch-up. Aaron, Chris, and Katie ran through how the catch up would work the day before– it went smoothly: in practice and on the day off. Auggie is back from his appointment.Read more

Lightnings teeth get a visit

Did you know that there are equine dentists?! That is correct, there are dentists out there that specialize in equine. Although the field back then was not as advanced as today with technology and equipment, the upkeep of a horse was very important just like a oil change is to  a car.  Remember, people depended on their animals for transportation and labor and the better the care the longer the animals lasted and the better their general health. Recently, LightningRead more