Lightnings teeth get a visit

Did you know that there are equine dentists?! That is correct, there are dentists out there that specialize in equine. Although the field back then was not as advanced as today with technology and equipment, the upkeep of a horse was very important just like a oil change is to  a car.  Remember, people depended on their animals for transportation and labor and the better the care the longer the animals lasted and the better their general health.

Recently, Lightning had a visit from Dr. Cannedy who is his general vet and Dr. Gerard who specializes in Equine Surgery.His teeth were given a good examination.

First Lightning is given a sedative

Yup,nice and sedated


A special halter  is put on Lightning with a mouth speculum  so the vet is able to work in his mouth without the donkey being able to close it.

Lightning got his teeth “floated” which means they smooth his teeth with a file so they are nice and even. If equine are not examined and proper care of their teeth are not taken, it can lead to problems with eating and comfort because the teeth can become jagged and develop sharp edges. This floating does not hurt because the nerve is near the gum line.

The tool that is used on Lightning is electric powered and has a file like bit at the end of it that grinds the tooth down.


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