Photo-Journal: October Moon Wolf Howl!

Here’s a photo-journal from our recent October Moon Wolf Howl events during National Wolf Awareness Week.

Members head down the boardwalk toward Explore the Wild.

At the Red Wolves exhibit.
Animal Keeper Marilyn explains about red wolf behavior.
Animal Keeper Sarah answers questions from a young future animal keeper!
Making wolf enrichment items ("fake" sheep with sheep wool, egg cartons, and scents).
Adding wool to the egg carton to make a fake sheep for wolf enrichment.
A "fake" sheep. Didn't you recognize it? The wolves will love it!
A young visitor sporting her wolf ears!
Some young visitors modeling their wolf ears!
A museum volunteer showing some red wolf love (and showing off her own wolf ears!)
Applying the scents to the sheep's wool. This will get the wolves attention!
Red Wolf Coalition's Kim Wheeler shows wolf artifacts to explain about wolf behavior.
Animal Keepers Mikey and Jill demonstrate some of the tools that might be used to control a wolf.
Facepainting! Another fun activity during the Wolf Howl night.

And finally, the reward for making it to the end of the post! A video of wolf howls… well, not quite.

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