Male 1803

M1803 has been at the Museum for just about 15 months– not long at all. He’s been a huge presence since his arrival back in November 2017. We crated him up Tuesday morning November 14 and drove him from the Wolf Conservation Center in one very long day of driving. Here’s the very first blog post we put up about him— before he even arrived at the museum! Click here to see the first pictures of him settling in with F2062 when they first met 15 months ago.
He’ll be 9 years old this May. Prior to being at the Museum, he spent all his life in the Northeast. He was born at the Wolf Conservation Center, and with the exception of spending just under one year at the Beardsley Zoo, lived at WCC until coming here. He sired two previous litters up North, so we were hopeful that he and his new mate, F2062, would make magic happen. AND THEY DID. From the beginning, we were told he was a great dad, and that has been our experience here. So, the rest of the photos will show him with his family. Click here to see a video of him bringing food to his pups last May. It’s priceless.
1803 on the left

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