Everybody in the den

Ok, so not everybody, but check out this video of 8 of our 10 wolves in the den.

Typically, mom, F2062, allows no adult in the den when the pups are young. She’s been seen chasing dad, M1803, out of the den as he sneaks in. (Dad started engaging with last year’s pups at 3 weeks old). However, at just before 6 PM Saturday night, dad stayed in the den. Not sure if he got stuck in the den, but here he is inside as mom starts to nurse.

With the pups about 4 weeks old, things do start to change a bit. The pups are moving on their own and have been seen out in the yard quite a bit since Friday. With them moving, it’s time for the rest of the family to engage more. Come on by and hang out at the wolf habitat. Patience could yield some pretty incredible moments.

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