Yesterday’s pup check

We had great weather yesterday to do our 4-week check on the pups. We gathered our team, supplies, and made our work plan for entering the yard.

Tool boxes, weighing container and scale, identification chart, and travel boxes.
Katy and Janine prepping work station and syringes for round two of dewormer.

At 4-weeks, the pups are more mobile, their ears are starting to get pointy, snout longer, eyes are open, and their dark color is starting to fade on their legs in particular. By next check, the blazes on their chest will likely be very faded.

Pup #1, M2288 still has his chest blaze and floppy ears. He’s also still the largest at 2.67 Kgs.
Mary with another pup. Notice the ears pointy compared to pup #1.
We can no longer transport in the weighing container. the container just fits one pup now.

We still use our newborn pup check sheet to make our notes. It keeps our documentation sheet the same each time

All 6 pups in the crate.

Some may say the crate is crowded for the pups. It’s true. It is crowded and this is what we want. They sleep in a pile, get protection in a pile, so this snugly crate is a great means for transport.

Notice in the bottom of the crate the small male pup. His weight doubled since our last check and he is now over 1 Kg. He is still the smallest, by a tremendous amount. However, he seems to be the most feisty and exploratory of the siblings– at least so far.

I’m going to start spending more time at the wolf habitat now that the pups are moving on their own. I want to be there for some of those once in a lifetime occurrences… hope to see you there too!

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