A long time coming for this pup check

While temperatures are still high, the summer seems to have just flown by. This is the first Blog post in well over one month, and I have pictures to share of pups that are well over 30 pounds!

We had our whole team plus an additional four staff helping us catch up our 20-week olds!

Our final meeting at 7 AM before heading to the wolf habitat.

It’s no simple task anymore getting our six “pups” caught. With 10 wolves in the yard there is a lot going on. Long story short, by 8 AM we had 6 pups crated up and ready for their check-up.

While most red wolves go passive once caught, one of our pups is fairly feisty, continually. With that in mind we did some simple rawhide muzzling today for a little extra precautions. You’ll notice the rawhide in all the photos today

Janine holding this pup while Dr.Vanderford does her check. Notice Katy in the background. Her job today was taking notes and prepping all the meds.

All in all, everyone was in great shape. Last round of vaccines today, along with their rabies vaccine. Another round of de-worming occurred too.

dewormer on its way in.
beautiful teeth now covered with yellow de-wormer.
Dr. Vanderford checks for descended testicles on all the males.
Chris keeping one of the pups steady while Dr. Vanderford assesses the eyes.

I’ll get more photos from the check up later in the week. Check back in and I’ll post the pups’ weights, as well as another tidbit…

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