Pup Check Follow-up

More pictures from Monday’s red wolf pup check:

Rocket, below, has been and continues to be our smallest wolf. He weighed in just over 13 Kg Monday. He is still smaller than his litter mates, but it is getting much harder to tell him apart. His behavior is fairly different however. Much quicker to come down to eat and he’ll sit in the side cage area and not run away immediately from his caretakers.

#2, male, 2289, Rocket, getting his ear checked

Very, very calm, that is, until we try to grab him. During Monday’s catch up he ran into the side cage area and just stood for a while, calmly. Upon entry he was calm. Calm. Calm. Calm. That is, until we went to crate him. He growled, lunged, spun, and generally was an all around pain in the rear. Red wolves typically go passive once cornered. Not Rocket. Once in our arms, contained and muzzled, he stood calmly again.

Pup # 3, Male 2290, Sprout, getting his rabies shot. He weighed 15 Kg today.
Pup #5, female 2292, Mist, is our second heaviest wolf pup. she weighed 16 Kg today.

So let’s talk about weighing, and weights. We’re using a much larger scale, and placing the pups into a large bucket. Getting everyone settled enough to let go for a second in order to get the most accurate weight takes a bit of coordination, but Aaron and Chris (and Janine) did a great job.

Pup #4, male 2291, Lunar, weighed 15 Kg Monday. Chris and Aaron worked together to get this pup lowered into the bucket.
Janine getting pup #1, male 228, Bronto, settles in the bucket. He is our heaviest at 16.4 Kg, and has been our largest wolf since the beginning.

Here’s a quick reference chart of what the pups weighed right after being born (day one) and what they weighed this past Monday at 20-weeks old. (Kilograms)

During our last pup check, when the six of them were 99 days old, we noticed a small growth on M2288, Bronto’s, lip. We took pictures, and samples, and sent it out for testing. We queried experts. Given all the responses, we were prepared today to pull Bronto and take him to the building for surgery to remove the growth.

The growth, however, was gone, as we had hoped. Big relief!

The growth on Bronto’s lip on July 30. It was about the size of a pencil eraser, or pea
On September 9, the growth was gone, and a 3mm round mark remained.

Each time we finish a pup check, or any red wolf check, I am relieved. Anytime we intervene, while necessary, is risky. So every time we finish with everyone going home for the day “just tired” is a good day.

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