Why did our dragon lose so much weight?

I introduced you to our newest bearded dragon last week. When she comes out of quarantine she’ll be used by our staff for education programs and Birthday parties both on and off the Museum campus.

Remember, I said she lost 52 grams in just one short week. When we’re talking about a 350 gram animal, that’s a lot (over 15 %).

Any idea of what she is looking at on the paper towel in the photo below? It’s the reason she lost so much weight…

She laid eggs. lots of unfertilized eggs!

Lots of weight was lost for two reasons: First, she did not eat much of anything leading up to her laying the eggs. That, combined with the weight of the eggs, led to the dramatic weight loss.

The eggs, the smallest the size of a raisin and the largest about an inch long. She laid eggs in November prior to coming to the Museum. So, she’s a “double clutcher” (and hopefully she’ll only lay eggs twice a year)

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