Summer is Here

Again this week, not sure where the time has gone. Yes, it’s only Tuesday night, but my schedule has me off grounds starting around noon on Wednesday. Seems that putting out fires (figuratively) or being in meetings has limited my access to some good photos (as well as my sanity). Furthermore, the heat lowers my tolerance threshold. I go through several masks and bandanas daily, but do get to spend some quality time in the walk-in freezer. Here a fewRead more

Why did our dragon lose so much weight?

I introduced you to our newest bearded dragon last week. When she comes out of quarantine she’ll be used by our staff for education programs and Birthday parties both on and off the Museum campus. Remember, I said she lost 52 grams in just one short week. When we’re talking about a 350 gram animal, that’s a lot (over 15 %). Any idea of what she is looking at on the paper towel in the photo below? It’s the reasonRead more

New Bearded Dragon

I’m hoping our newest bearded dragon will be out of quarantine this month. All new animals go through a quarantine period upon arrival. It allows us to do testing and due diligence to assure that impact on our current animals will be negligible. I tend to call all bearded dragons, “Dragon”, but you can call her DD, which is short for Duckiedragon. I am a huge fan of hers because she eats her vegetables!!! Many bearded dragons eat their insectsRead more

QuickPic: Ramsey

Ramsey, our newest bearded dragon, has quite the personality. She is very active and we tend to find her in strange positions. This is her in her outdoor sunning cage!Read more

Huge thanks to VSH: Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

In addition to last week’s snow, we took four animal over to VSH in Durham. The Veterinary Specialty Hospital along with Dr. Cindy Godshalk of East Coast Veterinary Imaging donated their facility, services, and staff to ultrasound and radiograph four of our animals. AND, this isn’t the first time they’ve stepped up and helped out: The first time was 3.5 years ago when Cassandra needed an ultrasound. Last year we brought two snakes to VSH in Cary for ultrasounds withRead more