Gypsy goat update

I mentioned in the past week that things have been mostly fine. Thank goodness, as it’s hard enough to deal when things are going well.

Lightning seems much improved, as you can see in my game of fetch with him. We’ve been treating him for a couple weeks now for an apparent ulcer. Not the best time to have added expenses, but we do what has to be done.

And speaking of added expenses, Gypsy goat is also in much better shape after having some emergency dental work earlier this week.

Gypsy in her crate on the way to get her teeth taken care of

Gypsy had lost some weight, which we wanted. We noticed, however, she didn’t seem to be eating hay. Apparently, a bunch of teeth needed filing and trimming. An urgent trip and some intense dental work and voila, a new and improved Gypsy goat, that now eats hay again. What a relief to have both her and Lightning doing better!!!!

She immediately started eating hay again on her return to the Museum

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