Welcome to April, the new normal

I hope everyone is still well at home helping to flatten the curve and keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We’re getting in a rhythm here, although to be honest it is too quiet and a bit sad. At the same time it is impressive to watch the commitment and creativity of the folks I work with. The Animal Care Team is still here doing what has to be done to make sure our non-human Museum family is cared for during this challenging time. We’re maintaining high wellness and safety while compacting and reducing where we can given limited resources.

The team is committed to social distancing, as well as eating lunch with Lightning. They added more tables so they could each be 6 feet apart from each other.

Mary took this photo of Janine, Shayna, Rob, Lightning and Charlie (look closely by Lightning’s head

Loads, and loads of cleaning, beyond our regular list, is occurring too. Every Wednesday and Saturday, before our shifts change, everything we think we touched gets cleaned. Besides writing detailed notes for the team coming in, all the locks, pens, notebooks, chairs, etc. are disinfected.

Janine making sure the ETW work area is cleaned and ready for Kate.

On a different note, we had a guest in our parking lot yesterday! Our interns Laura and Dakota are finishing their semester offsite. Their enrichment project is still a go, so Laura dropped the barred owl box off yesterday.

Laura drove in yesterday

The team met with her to review operations and instructions. As evidenced in the photo below, a gathering of no more than five people, no closer than 6 feet to each other. Can you name the people behind the masks? (answers below).

L-R: Laura, Mary, Rob, Shayna, Janine

Our last, and quite a large delivery is due in today. Once it arrives, we’ll be positioned really well with shelf stable feed for everyone on grounds for at least 3 months (and some animals have double or triple that). This provides an added sense of security, and more limited trips out into the world.

Stay safe and well. Maintain your distance. Wash your hands often and don’t touch your face. Isolate if unwell. Additionally, find something good everyday to smile or laugh about. (See photo below to hopefully check the last item off the list)

The “Saturday” Team decorated the entry to my office and left socially distanced snacks (and toilet paper).

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