Rain Rain Go Away

Not sure where the week went. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on so many meetings I cannot remember what’s been going on. Many people these days are meeting all the time on the computer. I’d have to say— what a drag. Thank goodness I get to be out in the field taking care of the animals and the people, and only part of the time on my computer.

A view of some folks at one of my meetings this week

With the weather, all our yard work projects came to a halt, so we’ll jump back to that next week. We’ve gotten loads of Spring cleaning done as Brooke continues to work her way through rooms, sheds, closets, and more.

Shayna and Janine heading out to do end of day checks yesterday in the rain.

Perhaps the nicest thing is we’re doing some animal programs for Summer Camp. Our Camps@home are occurring virtually this month, but we’re still having the kids discover the scientist in themselves by looking at animals. It’s different than our typical program, but it’s nice to be talking about animals with kids again.

Mary holding her hands out so Jenna could assure a good view on the monitor for the campers.
Any idea what animal Mary is holding? (Yes, she is holding one of our program animals)

As the state is opening up, we’ve got to keep up the commitment to safe practices. Additionally, finding gratitude, as well as smiles, are important to me and my health and well-being. This week, I’m sharing what I get from my kids. My youngest has been amazing throughout these past three months. She has been positive, found structure, started cooking (homemade tortillas for enchiladas and a spicy tofu/green bean dish that is awesome), and going to local farms to pick up produce for us weekly. She, and my oldest talk daily, in Spanish. My oldest has found critically needed cooking ingredients and visited us regularly outside in our yard.

I’ll make sure to have more pictures of non-human animals next week, but for now, hope you enjoy all the humans I’ve been spending time with.

My youngest taking a sledgehammer to a 15+ year old computer that’s been sitting on a shelf waiting to be destroyed. We decided to have some fun and destroy it.
This is the first time my eldest (and husband) visited during the day, in the heat. We sat 6+ feet apart, nestled against the side of the house for some shade, but eventually had to grab an umbrella for some relief from the sun.

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