Follow-up: Misha’s laser treatment

I’ve heard from a few folks who are interested in more information… either about laser treatments, or my singing. The cold laser (low level light at different frequencies) helps the natural healing process. Studies show positive impact on reducing inflammation, tissue healing, pain reduction, as well as increasing range of motion and strength. We’ve been using the laser on Virginia bear for a few years now to help with her arthritis.

As for my singing, here’s a few seconds from this morning’s treatment:

2 responses to Follow-up: Misha’s laser treatment

  1. valhansbarger says:

    She seems so calm with it! Have used this treatment myself post surgery and do find it helpful-good to see you all doing all you can to keep the museum’s animals healthy ❤️ And Sherry I’m sure the singing helped 🤣good job!

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Thanks for your kind words about my singing Val!

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