Follow-up: Misha’s laser treatment

I’ve heard from a few folks who are interested in more information… either about laser treatments, or my singing. The cold laser (low level light at different frequencies) helps the natural healing process. Studies show positive impact on reducing inflammation, tissue healing, pain reduction, as well as increasing range of motion and strength. We’ve been using the laser on Virginia bear for a few years now to help with her arthritis. As for my singing, here’s a few seconds fromRead more

Laser Treatments

Misha, our 30+ year old red tailed hawk, is one of our animals who gets laser treatments. Treatment is very simple, as he just sits there while we use the laser. I talk to him the whole time (since he is blind, we like to have auditory interaction whenever we’re around him). I often sing, and randomly ramble and rhyme. He’s not critical of my voice skills so I take advantage of my laser time with him 🙂Read more

QuikPic: office mate

I have a new office mate for a bit while projects are occurring near his home. Literally as I am typing this he started peeping. I turned around and he had cast a pellet. (Check out a video of him doing this, here).Read more

Be on the look-out for Misha the hawk

Our Hawk Handlers have been out and about regularly, which is great for Misha (as well as guests). Actually, the handlers tell me all the time it is one of their most enjoyable things to do at the Museum. It’s a WOW moment for me when I happen upon our staff with Misha talking with guests as they wander through campus. Hope you get one of these moments too!    Read more

Hawk Handlers

It’s exciting as we’re getting a few more staff trained to work with our red-tailed hawk, Misha. Our new handlers will buddy up with some of our current hawk handlers, so hopefully you’ll see us, and Misha, out and about around campus more.    Read more

Behind the scenes with our Education Animals

Keeper Mary got some cute video of a couple of our Education Animals. The first video is of Juliet, our opossum, using her prehensile tail to grab newspaper for her bedding. The second is a quick video of Misha, our red-tailed hawk coughing up (casting) a pellet. SO COOL, THANKS MARY!!    Read more