Amazing People

In my job I not only get to spend time with some amazing animals, but also amazing and dedicated people. I often refer to those I spend time with as the “human” and “non-human” animals.

Here’s the run down from the past week:

Super mother-daughter volunteer team of Cathy and Cassie are a welcome sight to the Team when the two of them walk through the door at 8:00 am their volunteer days. Last week they ended up fairly drenched working in the Farmyard in the rain. Yet, you can still tell they are smiling behind their masks as the just keep moving through the tasks to get done.

Cathy, left, with Cassie, get ready to start preparing diets for the animals.

Let’s then talk about some of the folks on our amazing veterinary team. Dr. Cochrane takes care of everyone’s favorite donkey. Lightning had his physical last week. Dr. Cochrane, like Dr Cannedy, has a really cool truck. She and her team swoop in and take thoughtful care of Lightning (and the other animals she sees).

Christy, Dr Cochrane’s technician, holds Lightning, while Dr. Cochrane chats with us. We learned a few years ago that Lightning has allergic reactions to the rabies vaccine. Therefore, every year we draw blood to check his titers level. As long as he is protected, we don’t have to given him the vaccine

On Monday, Dr. Cannedy came in to do some filming with Museum staff for some virtual programming. This gave me the opportunity to spend extra time with him, as well as some wonderful staffers on our Innovation and Learning Team.

Aaron has spent time building a great relationship with Dusty and Dallas… and now they follow him to the chute. Dusty calmly stood with Aaron feeding and petting him while Dr. Cannedy talked for the team about cattle care.
Four staff were needed for the interview and filming (there is a person standing between Dr. Cannedy and Steve. Jenna is amazingly camouflaged between the two, while David gets the video and Carly (pink shirt) has the microphone.
You can see Jenna in this picture

And, while not the best photo of Aaron’s backside with Dusty, there is something I want to point out. Dusty walked to the chute quickly and stood still the whole time, He got food treats ( “donkey treats” and mulberry leaves) as well as other treats. Aaron would reward Dusty with head pets, rubs and scratches. By his ears, chin, checks, and more. Food is not the only reward that is needed for “non human” animals. It was such a treat for me to watch the relationship between the two.

The people I spend time with are dedicated, compassionate, thoughtful, and skilled in what they do. It’s really an honor to spend time with them.

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