The past week

I can’t figure out where the time goes. It’s Monday again and last week came and went seemingly before I could blink. Lots got done (I think that’s always the case though).

Shayna gathering a huge load of browse for the critters

Can you tell the location of the photo below?

Dirt has been hauled and is staged to drive into the Bear yard. My guess is it’s at least 1000 pounds of dirt.

We conducted a lemur escape drill. Rob and Shayna had there first experience using our tracking equipment. Two plush lemurs were placed at different spots around campus and the Team had to find them.

I hid one lemur in this tree in the parking lot. The other plush lemur with tracking collar, was placed near the Dino Trail.

Due to being short staffed today, I got to step in and help a bit. I should have taken pictures while I was with the bears and at the wolf habitat, but I was too busy (and, actually, I got poop on my hand and didn’t want to touch my phone).

Instead, later in the day I caught Pepper eating hay:

Pepper chinchilla was born at the Museum. He’ll be 18 years old in December. He, and his brother Salt, live behind the scenes and are still used for Museum programming

And I went to say hi to Gordon but she wasn’t there. (at least I thought she wasn’t there…)

Gordon’s home, apparently without her…but I was wrong, she was under the moss

Dr. Cannedy is in tomorrow morning for goat, alpaca, and cattle physicals. We’ll report later on how it goes and share pictures from the visit.

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