Fall herd check with Dr. Cannedy

Dr. Cannedy was here on Tuesday checking on the goats, alpaca, and cattle. The primary focus of this visit is to make sure the critters are in good shape going into winter. Some animals get food added, but it is rare that we ever decrease food going into winter. This year, everyone’s diet remained the same.

Dr. Cannedy preparing deworming medicines for the goats and alpacas. Do you see the eight syringes? Dusty and Dallas did not get injectable dewormer, but instead they got “pour on” dewormer

In addition to getting dewormed, everyone was checked head to toe. (Teeth, hooves, coat condition, eyes, etc.). The alpacas get a BCS (body condition score) on a five point scale and the bulls on a nine point scale (not sure why, but that’s they way Dr. Cannedy does it).

Dallas calm and looking good for his check. His body condition is pretty good… 4.5/9. Dusty, on the other hand, was called TANK by Dr. Cannedy. He’s a bit bigger in stature than Dallas and scored a 6/9. Dusty weighs 75 Kg more than Dallas 🙂

Chris assisted Dr. Cannedy with Retro and Ray, and Shayna was Dr. Cannedy’s assistant with Equinox and Emily. Equinox needed trimming on all four hooves, while Emily needed her front hooves trimmed (Retro and Ray were fine and needed no hoof trimming).

Chris holding ray while Dr. Cannedy gives her the deworming treatment.
This was Shayna’s first time holding the alpacas for procedures.

Below is a common way of securing a goat for treatment. Shayna has Charlie secured between her legs, while Dr. Cannedy gets Charlie his monthly zinc treatment. (Do you remember Bill’s bath, and Aaron holding Bill the same way? Click here to see). All the goats got their hooves trimmed.

The scheduled veterinary checks coming up include dental work for Mocha and Latte (education rabbits) and eye checks with Dr. Westermeyer and a team from the vet school. More news about those activities in the coming weeks.

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