Recent Vet Checks… and goodbyes

Recently, a few animals have had some issues tended to, their annual physicals, or sadly, we said goodbye to a couple of our older animals.

First, Florian is doing well. He got his annual vaccines. His issues are holding steady. (Florian has three different cancers. Yes, three. The operable ones have been tended to– his skin cancer on his tail is gone and has not recurred. Additionally, the mass in his neck is holding steady in size).

Dr. Vanderford listens to Florian’s heart and lungs.
Florian eats (cheese, applesauce, peppers, etc.) while we do our work.

Tennille, our muskrat, did great for her physical too. Unlike Florian, who is awake for his physical, we sedate Tennille.

Isoflourine anesthesia keeps Tennille asleep through our work.


Ichabod, one of our bearded dragons finished his antibiotics for a nasal infection.

We looked in Ichabod’s mouth to check
We checked out Duckiedragon’s mouth too and compared it to Ichabod’s.
Ichabod is improved and done with his antibiotics.


Two snakes are being treated for some skin issues. Snow corn snake finishes up antibiotics the end of the week, as does our Yellow rat snake.

Nicole assists Dr. Vanderford by holding Snow, one of our corn snakes.


Mary and Dr. Vanderford check out the last remaining spot on Yellow’s scale.

Mocha and Latte, our education rabbits, had dental work done as well. We sedate the rabbits in order to file needed teeth down. There were only some small tips that needed filing.

One of the tools that helps us keep the rabbit’s mouth open so filing can occur.Injectable sedatives were used to sedate Mocha.


As for goodbyes, our 12 year old rabbit Betty, who retired from the Farmyard late spring and moved to her retirement home indoors was euthanized this past week, along with our over 18 year old pine snake, Optimus Prime.

They both will be missed.

Shayna assists Dr. Vanderford for one of Betty’s last checks.
Optimus Prime was over 18 years old. We will miss him, and Betty.

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