Saturday thank you…

We had a few scheduling challenges today, so I came in to help a bit, and asked some others to as well.

Here are my thank yous from the day. First, the non-humans, then, the human helpers.

Thank you Dallas for being ready in the chute… you did not need to be ready but thank you anyway.

Thank you Duckie for laying eggs today



Now, for the people. Volunteer Alayna started with us in September.

Alayna worked in the Farmyard and then helped out with diets and dishes

We called in some extra support from Museum staff. A big thanks to Em, Jen, Ro and Steve (note that the photos are all pre-covid, so please enjoy seeing full faces).

Em, from our Fundraising Events Team, worked in the Farmyard this morning.


Jen, from our Exhibits Development Team, worked in the kitchen prepping diets.
Ro, from our Communications Team, knocked out the goat and donkey yard in the Farmyard and then went to help Kate at bears.
Steve, from our Innovation and Learning Team, helped indoors with our Education Animal Room.

Em, Ro, and Steve are on our “ride out” team, or what we call our “Neighborhood Team”. They live walking distance to the Museum. They have assisted Animal Care during snow and other weather events. When the Museum closes due to weather events, and some Animal Care staff are unable to get in, I reach out to the Neighborhood Team and say HELP PLEASE. (and they always do). Questions about the Neighborhood Team? Just ask.

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