Saturday thank you…

We had a few scheduling challenges today, so I came in to help a bit, and asked some others to as well. Here are my thank yous from the day. First, the non-humans, then, the human helpers. Thank you Dallas for being ready in the chute… you did not need to be ready but thank you anyway. Thank you Duckie for laying eggs today   Now, for the people. Volunteer Alayna started with us in September. We called in someRead more

What not to wear

So you know we can get dirty: clothes stained, shoes covered in mud and poop, the list actually goes on and on. Work in the bear yard can be challenging. It’s hard to even see your feet when walking in the bear yard the grass is so tall. If you don’t step in a pile of poop you are lucky. I’ve even had to “swim” in the bear pool, so I never wear traditional business attire. Last week we hadRead more