What not to wear

So you know we can get dirty: clothes stained, shoes covered in mud and poop, the list actually goes on and on. Work in the bear yard can be challenging. It’s hard to even see your feet when walking in the bear yard the grass is so tall. If you don’t step in a pile of poop you are lucky. I’ve even had to “swim” in the bear pool, so I never wear traditional business attire. Last week we had a great group of folks from Biogen Idec working hard in the bear yard (scooping, mowing, removing weeds, pruning, clearing fences…). They all came dressed in clothes ready to work.

Our development folks on the other had… Well, let’s just say I had to mow a path so they could walk into the yard.

Here’s my new rule: no pumps in the bear yard! (and let me add I never thought I would be writing about the kind of pumps you wear on your feet, just the kind that move and filter water and cause more frustration that humor!)

Alicia and Ro: dressed to avoid helping!

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  1. Leslie says:

    I wore heels to the bear yard plenty of times. It’s all about knowing how to walk in them.

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