Biogen Idec helps us clean up again

Yesterday we had a group from Biogen Idec help volunteer. We take volunteer groups several times throughout the year to help us with major manual labor projects. Given the rain, Aaron had the group working inside scrubbing & cleaning walls, floors, vents, ceilings, etc. One of the projects on the list was the Reptile Holding Room. All the cages had to be moved out. Below, Aaron and Kai working in the empty room cleaning floors and more.   When IRead more

Volunteer Groups.

Thanksgiving is coming so it’s important to remember and send out our gratitude to our volunteers. We’ve got lots of people who help us get our work done- we couldn’t get our work done without volunteers. We’ve got regular animal department volunteers, like Annie and Donald. We’ve got interns, like Jill and Katie (who are still helping out), or Jessica and Jamie. We’ve also have groups that come. For the most part they are here 2-4 hours. We set upRead more

What not to wear

So you know we can get dirty: clothes stained, shoes covered in mud and poop, the list actually goes on and on. Work in the bear yard can be challenging. It’s hard to even see your feet when walking in the bear yard the grass is so tall. If you don’t step in a pile of poop you are lucky. I’ve even had to “swim” in the bear pool, so I never wear traditional business attire. Last week we hadRead more