Meet Rob

You’ve already seen Rob in loads of Blog posts. Rob’s been working on our Team as an Animal Care Specialist since September 2019. His chipper, do-what’s-needed (with a smile) attitude make the rest of the team clamor to work with him. He is trusted, honest, wants feedback, and holds himself accountable.

Rob is also an excellent listener. He wants to understand what is happening as well as understand other’s viewpoints. In this day and age, listening to each other is a skill we can all take to heart.

So glad he’s on our Team!


Rob, in front, with Chris, sprinting with the Farmyard chickens during a recent tornado drill.
Rob, with Chandler and Dr. Vanderford


We just cleaned the bear pools this week. It is a massive task!! Rob had some fun with the pressure washer… the wall is clean over his right shoulder…less so over his left shoulder.

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  1. Val Hansbarger says:

    Sounds like just the kind of volunteer you can love! Thank you Rob for being such an inspiration in these hard times

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