Hope everyone got to give thanks yesterday. I had a few virtual family gatherings, and one outdoor distanced meal with the kids, before coming in to check on the animals and give evening meds.

Many of the Samuels clan connected early.
We (wife, youngest daughter, and I) ate an outdoor distanced meal with our older daughter and her husband. I believe this the 3rd selfie I’ve ever taken.

If you’ve read previous blog posts, gratitude is a theme– especially in pandemic times. Check out this article on how to practice gratitude.

Photos below from some more gifts that arrived from our wish list. THANK YOU GIFT GIVERS! Melissa and Mindy sent most of the items pictured below. (Click here to see our wish list).

Ferret beds, chew toys, extract for scent enrichment and yes, a laundry basket. This last item is critical– for moving radiated tortoises!
This poop-scooper set also fills a critical need. We use these mostly in the lemur house, as well as our chicken pens.

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