So much help (for so much work)

We just finished up bear pool cleaning and yard work. It’s a bear of a task and takes help from so many people. Folks from six different Museum teams spent about 100 total hours taking care of tasks and the bears. The pools are now clean, yard is mowed and weed-eated; poop-scooping complete; pruning off fences; viewing camera is now functional; added traction to cliff access for bears, and probably some other items I’m too tired to remember. The teamRead more

QuickPic: Traffic Jam

During our bi-annual bear pool power washing, I headed down to the bear yard to drop off some equipment. It looks like we’re having a party at the bear house! I was disappointed there wasn’t any watermelon.Read more

Oh no, someone’s in the bear pool! Oh wait, it’s just Sherry…

You may have read a post recently about the bear pool getting its annual cleaning. Well, the day after we finished, one of the drain covers at the bottom of the pool was seen in the middle of the exhibit yard (no doubt having been used as a toy for our playful bears). We had to get the drain cover back on, and Sherry volunteered herself for the job. She doesn’t usually get to help us with daily routines, butRead more

Bear Pool Cleaning coming up.

This coming Sunday and Monday is when we drain the bear pool and begin the big clean. It is a time intensive and physically draining project, and kind of gross too. Kent, Katy and Marilyn will be staying into the evening hours on Sunday. All the Monday Keepers are coming in early, and Erin is coming in on her day off to help. Click here to read about what’s involved in this project and see photos from last year’s bearRead more