Oh no, someone’s in the bear pool! Oh wait, it’s just Sherry…

You may have read a post recently about the bear pool getting its annual cleaning. Well, the day after we finished, one of the drain covers at the bottom of the pool was seen in the middle of the exhibit yard (no doubt having been used as a toy for our playful bears). We had to get the drain cover back on, and Sherry volunteered herself for the job. She doesn’t usually get to help us with daily routines, but she sometimes seems to oddly enjoy doing the really strange tasks!

Watch the video below and check it out. You can see that Sherry actually maneuvers the drain cover back in with her feet, and then hollers,” Success!” with her arms triumphantly raised in the air. But then, instead of wanting to get out like any normal person, she decides to go check the other drain cover to make sure it is still secure. This is when I got skeptical of the true motives of her endeavor (I think the pool was just too sparkly and clean to resist not taking a dip!).

4 responses to Oh no, someone’s in the bear pool! Oh wait, it’s just Sherry…

  1. Sherry says:

    Cassidy and Erin volunteered for the next drain cover replacement. I am thinking of sending Cassidy in to do it while Erin films it with her new handy dandy indestructable camera that she suckered me in to buying!

  2. Larry says:

    I think the camera is submersible. If so maybe we could post our first underwater footage!

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