Art in Nature

I was heading to bear overlook to do the meet the keeper program when I looked down and saw: It almost looks like we painted it there but it is in fact Great Blue Heron poop in the shape of a bird! If you’ve been out to the wetlands, you’ve probably seen what looks like paint splatters but it is really poop from a pretty big bird. The culprit below:     I think we’ve all seen animal shapes inRead more

Farmyard Visitors

Early one morning, I got a radio call from Sprout Cafe asking if we could come pick up a bird who had flown into the glass. Ranger Greg got to the cafe before me and handed me a small, white paper lunch bag; bird inside. Look who it was!! This is either a female or an immature (male or female) Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The little bird had a few sips of sugary Gatorade and rested for about 10 minutes, before flyingRead more

Trimming Duck’s Wings

Have you ever wandered into the farmyard and asked yourself, “Why doesn’t the duck simply fly away?” There are three answers: He does, sometimes. As you can see here in an older post. He seasonally has wing feathers trimmed to help keep him down on the ground. At nearly 11 pounds, he’s a little bit too chubby to really get off the ground.   In the early spring and fall, Ducky molts (loses) his old feathers and grows a niceRead more

Jay Bird

Meet Jay Bird, our newest animal who is  a young blue jay. I posted a while ago about ravens and the family Corvidae, a blue jay is in  the same one.  You may see blue jays in the wild at your house or here on museum grounds. This bird came to us from a rehabber who helped take care of Jay because it had some broken bones in its leg. The way the bones healed would not allow it toRead more