Jay Bird

Meet Jay Bird, our newest animal who is  a young blue jay. I posted a while ago about ravens and the family Corvidae, a blue jay is in  the same one.  You may see blue jays in the wild at your house or here on museum grounds. This bird came to us from a rehabber who helped take care of Jay because it had some broken bones in its leg. The way the bones healed would not allow it to be released, but dont let that fool you because Jay is very active.  Jay, hops from perch to perch in the  cage, throws bits of mulch through the small wires and makes a big mess. The first week we had Jay here, some of the keepers thought they heard a voice from a radio speaking. It turned out to be Jay babbling on. So far, he/she can ring like a cell phone but Keeper Katy is convinced to teach it to say “pretty bird.” Unfortunately, we dont know if Jay is a male or female because the plumage is the same for both sexes. Jay bird loves to eat crickets and superworms, but we also provide him with other things such as wax worms,grapes and other dry foods.

If Jay Bird learns more sounds or words, I will let you guys know.

3 responses to Jay Bird

  1. Randy says:

    Jay Bird has always been very vocal. And what a personality. And don’t be late for dinner….Jay Bird will let you know about it.

  2. Katy says:

    Jay Bird is the coolest thing ever!!!!! Well except for Mason the ferret…so Jay Bird is the 2nd coolest thing ever!!!!!!!

  3. jillb says:

    We now have a game where I give him part of food and he goes to hide it.Usually his hiding spots are a hole that he tore in his newspaper.

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