Copperheads in your basement?

Spring is definitely here and it’s a great time to see the native wildlife awaken. It’s a chance to find some unexpected sights! Ranger Greg’s Blog is awesome, and if you want to see amazing photos of flora and fauna check out his blog. He’s been capturing signs of spring numerous times already.

Reptiles we haven’t seen in awhile start to come out. Last week Keepers helped move a copperhead off a path to safety. It reminded me of a call I got last year to help a friend of a friend get a “snake” out from under her dryer. When I arrived, I found two copperheads under her dryer. The photos aren’t great, but take a look. The first photo is of one of the snakes in a container. In the second photo, see if you can find one, or both, of the snakes slithering away to safety.

1 of the two copperheads I removed from under a dryer
Can you find the copperhead in the brush???

7 responses to Copperheads in your basement?

  1. Ranger Greg says:

    I do indeed see two copperheads in your photo.
    The first: In the bottom third of the photo crawling away from the bottom right corner towards the left.
    The second: More or less vertical in the center of the photo.
    The head of the first snake is very near the second snake’s body in the bottom center of the photo.
    Had you not warned that there were snakes “in the grass” I would have stepped on one of them for sure, if I had been walking through the brush at the time day/night, which I probably would not have been doing.
    Tough to see!

  2. Wendy says:

    Were the two snakes friends, or was it a chance meeting under the dryer?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Interesting question Wendy. Mikey or Greg can chime in too, but my opinion is that the snakes were “hibernating” together. Many snakes will hibernate together (even differing species). I think they were bed-down together for the winter would have eventually gone separate ways.

  3. DJ says:

    Wow…I only saw the copperhead’s head until Ranger Greg’s post. Then I started seeing the pattern on the snake’s body in the brush. Thank you esp since my washer and dryer is in the basement!!!

  4. Marilyn Johnson says:

    It took me a minute to find them. They are wonderful at camouflaging themselves! I will never forget the time I was standing in a wooded area with a lot of leaf cover, and when I took a step back with my right foot I felt something brush against my heel. When I turned around to see what it was, there was a copperhead turning his head away from me to slither off. What brushed my against me was his head! It just goes to show that snakes will only bite if really necessary. I came an inch away from stepping on that snake, but instead of biting me he decided to move away. It was awesome!

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