Browse for the Farmyard Animals

I mentioned a few days ago we did some pruning in the bear yard and were able to gather the clippings and have a browse-fest in the Farmyard. Check out the pictures Shayna shared. Enjoy. Even the pigs and chickens get browse:Read more

Quick update: Tuesday’s work

I had the privilege of being out and about across the entire campus more than usual today, so enjoy the pictures No picture from today’s Laser treatment for Virginia, but you can click here to see what and why we do it. While in Explore the Wild, I saw all seven lemurs outside sunning. And speaking of sunning, the Team was able to get both bearded dragons and a snake outside today to bask in the UV rays of theRead more

What is Browse?

In animal keeper language, browse means plants and vegetation that we offer to our animals. Several times a week we harvest freshly cut browse that has been approved by our veterinarians. Our veterinary specialist, Katy, put together a browse book that includes pictures of the plant/tree, who it is approved for and where on grounds it grows. This is a great asset for new keepers just learning to identify different vegetation and for seasoned keepers to make sure their knowledge is up to date.Read more

There’s a Goat in the Tree

Rocky is a bit too short to reach the tastiest leaves on the tree with all 4 feet on the ground. So, after many attempts, he adopted a new routine for browsing. Previous to Rocky’s new found abilities, Chummix goat had been the champion Farm Yard tree climber. Unlike Rocky who climbs for more typical browse, Chummix only climbed trees for  Poison Ivy vines.Read more

It’s Time for Leafy Treats

Now that spring is here, our animals are able to have special treats (which double as enrichment) that they can’t get all year round. With everything in bloom, it’s a perfect time to give them branches of leaves and new buds, also known as browse. There are only certain types of things we can give them, which have been approved by our veterinarians, because many plants are toxic to animals. Our goats, donkey, sheep and steer receive Russian-olive browse which,Read more